Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our blog where we will give you tips on moving and storage.  Over the years you have probably collected a lot of things.  Periodically in life we need to downsize our homes, and then what do we do with all the things we have?  Some times the changes in the size of our home is permanent and sometimes it is just temporary.  Either way we may need some where to store our things that we have collected.Here are a few things we would suggest when it comes to downsizing your home:storage box
1.  Separate the good from the bad.  You may be surprised to see how many happy meal toys your kids have at the bottom of the toy box.  These cheap toys may be played with a few times then end up just as clutter in your house.  Kids can have trouble letting go, even if it is a toy that they didn’t remember having.  So it is best to go through their toys when they are not around.  Then separate the items based on how often your kids play with them and even how valuable they are.  If their are items you are not sure about then keep them or ask your kids.
This same principle can be used when going through your own stuff.  Try not to be emotionally attached to items.  Sure there are items you should keep because there is emotional value.  But feel free to let go of some things.

2.  If you don’t need it soon then store it.   Self storage units are great as they can be very convenient to store things that you don’t need for at least a month or so.

3.  Storing your items in a safe, secure location.  Once you have determined what you need every day and what can go in storage make sure you pick a safe public storage facility. This means that it is safe from weather,  flooding, fires, pests; but it also, it needs to be safe from thieves.  Check out this persons experience with a storage unit facility.  Some storage facilities are broken into very easily so pick one that has great security features.  King Arthur Self Storage in Draper and West Valley has state of the art security features.  Some of your items may need to stay out of the heat or may need to stay out of the cold, so you may want to choose a climate controlled storage unit.  If your items are worth keeping then they are definitely worth keeping them safe as well.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when choosing a storage facility:

A. Price – of course this should be at the top of the list.  King Arthur Self Storage is very competitive.  Ask us about our move in specials.

B. Location – Your storage facility should be somewhat close but if you are only going to visit it a few times then it is not that big of a deal to drive 10 minutes instead of just 5.  With 2 locations in the Salt Lake City Valley we are sure one of our facilities will work for you.

C. Safety – There are actually storage facilities that do not even have fences around them.  But not at King Arthur Self Storage.  We have computer controlled gated entrances, security cameras and of course your own lock on your unit.

D. Security – Safety and security are two separate things.  It’s important to keep your items safe from thieves but also secure from pests, environmental issues and more.  We take pride in making sure our facility is clean and secure. We offer climate controlled units if your items are susceptible to the temperature extremes we have here in Utah.

If it is important enough to keep then, it is important enough to keep it in a place like King Arthur Self Storage.